Marathon Tips
Marathon Tips
Marathon Tips

We've got some San Francisco Marathon Tips to help you reach the finish line

San Francisco Running Events in 2014

July 27th
October 20th

San Francisco offers some of the most beautiful, and most challenging race routes in the country. But you already know that, and that's why you're one of the 25,000 runners registered for one of the many marathons happing in San Francisco this year. Whether you are running the full or half marathon, we salute your dedication and hope to support you in any way possible whether you are a visitor to San Francisco, staying with us at the Sir Francis Drake, or a local. Here's everything you need to be ready for race day. Top Tips for Getting Ready:

  1. Pack your bag now, and make sure all of your running gear is in your carry-on. Heaven forbid you realize Saturday night or Monday morning that you forgot socks or a sports bra, and while we have lots of shopping options in San Francisco, nobody needs last minute stress.
  2. While we're on the subject of all that shopping in San Francisco, we know it is tempting, but save that new gear for training for your next race - running with brand new equipment, especially brand new shoes, can damage your performance and lead to major discomfort.
  3. One of the best things about San Francisco is how walkable it is as a city, but don't get sucked in - too much walking, especially on our unfamiliar hills, can make Saturday sight-seeing cut into Sunday top-performing. Take a cable car from end to end, look into a bay cruise, or check out an open top bus tour to check out our beautiful city without straining your legs pre-race.
  4. San Francisco is a foodie's paradise, and luckily that's for marathoners too. We recommend avoiding the sourdough and taquerias until after the race, but whether you want high-veggie, grain heavy Italian at a restaurant like our own Scala's Bisto, or real vegetarian focused superfoods like you'll find at "The Plant" on the Embarcadero or Gracias Madre in the Mission district, San Francisco has high-glycemic food options for you. Of course, keep hydrating on top of all that eating.
  5. Some races start just down the block from us, others require a cab ride to get to the starting line. But if you're coming from further, be sure to allow extra travel time - high volumes of people and road closures along the race route will make travel times longer than normal.
  6. Enjoy yourself. You may not be able to sleep the night before, you may feel like you dropped the ball by not going on one last long run last weekend, you may worry you haven't hydrated enough, but this is the celebration of all those months of training, early mornings, careful portions, and little sacrifices- take in the view and be proud of yourself for having gotten here.

Want to share your race experience with us? Reservations are still available for Race Weekend.