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Fitness / Wellness
Fitness / Wellness

The Sir Francis Drake Hotel's Fitness Center

It happens to everyone. San Francisco just makes you want to indulge. Thankfully, we have the perfect antidote here at the Drake Hotel with our state-of-the-art fitness center. It's perfect for helping you stick to that workout program or jump-start a new fitness routine. From serious cardio sessions to strength training and yoga workouts, we have you covered with the latest Precor machines, free weights, and fitness gear like yoga mats. You'll also find all the machines in our spacious gym feature individual television screens with headsets and jacks for your smartphone or MP3 player, so you can hear your tunes or catch a show while you workout. And since we want you to stick to that regimen, the only thing we don't provide is excuses for not hitting the mats: our gym is open 24/7.

The Drake Hotel fitness center is made to move you with:

  • Four Precor elliptical machines
  • Two Precor treadmills
  • Two Precor stair climbers
  • One Precor stationary bike
  • A variety of medicine balls and resistance bands
  • One multi-trainer rack system with a full selection of free weights
  • An area with a soft surfaced floor for stretching or yoga
  • Towels, water cooler, antiseptic wipes and a large flat-screen TV on the wall
  • Great natural lighting and mirrors to keep you motivated
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week