Bar Drake
Bar Drake
Bar Drake

Raising the Bar: San Francisco Cocktails At Bar Drake

Sazerac. Rob Roy. A superb single malt. It's great that cocktail culture is having such a big comeback. But truth be told, at Bar Drake, it never left. One part Speakeasy and two parts cocktail shrine with a dash of San Francisco swank, Bar Drake defies easy description. Exclusive but welcoming. Trendy but timeless. A classic bar near Union Square that never looks back. But like a good cocktail, all the right ingredients come together here perfectly to create a San Francisco legend.

Our opulent interior of retro-meets-Edwardian furnishings is as heady as a Manhattan, with sky-high ceilings, glowing antique chandeliers and vast mirrors backing a king's ransom of select scotch, rye and other classics, as well as the latest in bottled cocktails. And overseeing it all stands a towering figure of the Union Square San Francisco cocktail scene, Scout, the 8-foot-tall red Beefeater mascot, ensuring everyone has a spectacular time.

Bar Hours:
Monday-Friday: 3pm-Midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 2pm-Midnight

450 Powell Street San Francisco, CA 94102  |   Reservations: 1-415-392-7755